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Switchboard and fuse Box upgrades

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When should you replace a fuse box or upgrade your switchboard?

No1. Reason – Why You Need an Electrical Switchboard Upgrade

It Might Save Your Life

Have you checked If you have old porcelain fuses and unprotected circuits on your current fuse box or switchboard? If so, they are most definitely unsafe and Noncompliant with the current regulations (BS7671:2008) If your fuse box is old and has fuse wire type fuses, it is worth giving serious consideration to upgrading it. Modern switchboards have RCD protection built in, in the form of safety switches or RCBO’s, which will literally save your life in the event of a fault or power surge.

Every home, office, and commercial property should have dedicated safety switches, one on each circuit, to protect against electric shock. Safety switches monitor the flow of current through the circuit they’re installed on. When the flow is normal, the switches are disengaged; but if the switch detects a difference in power or power surge, as would be the case if you were to ever come in contact with any part of the electrical system, it’s immediately engaged and will switch-off the power supply in .003 of a second

Some More Important Reasons to Upgrade your Fuse Box or Switch Board

Overheating circuits without protection, could cause an electrical fire hazard in your Switchboard:

Electrical switchboard overheating can be caused by many variants such as loose connections, equipment overload, excessive dust and vermin infestation, such as ants, can create the scenario for a fire to develop. This overheating condition can remain undetected by normal fire detection systems, such as smoke alarms, until excessive smoke develops, or a fire starts in your switchboard. Any circuits with Safety Switches installed will immediately shut down in the event of overheating, negating the risk of fire in the switchboard.


Asbestos has been used in Switchboards in Australia right up until the 1980’s due to its fire- resistant properties. As we all know, and due to its lethal health consequences, asbestos is now a banned substance.

If you suspect your existing switchboard or fuse box contains asbestos, upgrading it with a licensed electrician from McIntosh Electrical will ensure that asbestos is removed safely, through our active safety system, and replace with fire resistant panelling. Ensuring the safety of your home, office and its occupants.

Switchboard and Fuse Box Q&A

How does a safety switch detect a problem in the circuit?

The safety switch monitors the movement of current. When there is a fault or when the current begins to shift to flow into a person rather than the circuits or equipment, the switch detects this shift in movement, engages, and instantly shuts that particular circuit down.

How long does it take to replace a fuse box?

A basic upgrade and changeover for a standard home switchboard to a modern, safer option takes approximately 4 hours. However, Fuse boxes and switchboards, vary from property to property and also dependant on whether it’s commercial or residential.

Should you replace your Circuit Breakers with Safety Switches?

The basics of fuses or circuit breakers are the same – they detect a problem and then open the circuit to stop the current. The difference is the time it takes, what faults trigger their operation and what they protect. The modern switchboard comprises of Combination Safety Switches/Circuit Breakers (RCBO’s).

These protect single circuits from shorts, overloads and electric shocks. The RCBO is installed on each individual circuit. This means any problem is confined to that one circuit and will not take out the circuits and the power for the rest of your house when there are nuisance trips or power faults.

If your house or commercial space still has ceramic or plug in fuses, then to ensure the safety of its occupants and your peace of mind, you simply need your switchboard upgraded to comply with the current standards.

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