Data & NBN Cabling
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Data & NBN Cabling in Sydney

Stay Connected With Expert Data & NBN Electricians

As award-winning Gold Master Electricians, McIntosh Electrical has expert data cable and NBN electricians ready to connect your home or property.

Why Choose McIntosh Electrical?

When it comes to cabling solutions, you need experts. This ensures that the cables are correctly run for the best connection while also protecting you and any other residents or users of the property. That’s why you can trust McIntosh Electrical with our advanced and closely followed safety processes, and accreditation from the ACMA.

We are also a local, family-owned business who has been diligently serving our community and keeping them safe for more than 2 decades. As structured cabling electricians, we are able to connect your property, allowing you to work from home with high speed internet or enjoy your favourite shows on Foxtel. We do everything possible to ensure you have an all-round satisfying experience with McIntosh Electrical, including completing all work safely and providing replacement and maintenance services too.

Discover Our Data & Cabling Services

We are pleased to provide you with a wide range of data and cabling services, including:

  • Replacing old and incoming copper lines with new Category 6 cables to increase data speeds.
  • Running and installing Ethernet cabling for additional access points and a broader, faster home Wi-Fi setup.
  • Relocating modems within the home to more appropriate locations.
  • Hardwiring Ethernet cabling for individual computers to initiate faster internet speeds.
  • Getting commercial or residential buildings ready for NBN cabling.
  • Providing all HFC and NBN cabling work.

Need New Cables & Wires in Your Office or Home?

Contact McIntosh Electrical now to organise your expert cabling.

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