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Charities We Support

McIntosh Electrical is passionate about giving back to the community as we grow, and takes a philanthropic view to helping our favourite charities and supporting the local community where ever possible.

We donate a dollar amount off every invoice to the following charities, and love nothing more than to sponsor the local footy or netball team. Following are a couple of the charities we strongly support and some stats that will surprise you:

The Kid’s Cancer Project

  • Australia has one of the highest incidences of childhood cancer in the world.
  • Childhood cancer is the leading cause of death by disease in Australian children.
  • The causes are unknown and there is no prevention.
  • In Australia, three children are lost every week to childhood cancer.
  • Every single day three Australian families hear the words “Your child has cancer.”
  • 90% of survivors will develop long term effects.
  • On average 71 years of life is lost to childhood cancer.
  • The cost to the community is high.

The Kids’ Cancer Project is inspired by one man who promised to find the cure for childhood cancer. The Kids’ Cancer Project was founded by Col Reynolds in 1993 and is independent and not aligned to one institution. We support research that is collaborative and has the greatest chance of clinical success. Thanks to generous community support the project has invested over $25 million into childhood cancer research since 2007.

The Wilderness Society

Protecting wilderness
Australia truly is the lucky country. With climate change high on the list of the most urgent current issues and stories of ecological devastation becoming the norm, understanding that it’s paramount that we protect our bush, forests and deserts which are amongst the most beautiful on Earth. Not to mention our oceans which are vast and pristine, and our soil is some of the oldest and most fertile on the planet. People of Australia have looked after this country for thousands of years, and science has identified what nature needs to survive and prosper. Yet, over recent decades, we’ve become accustomed to hearing stories of ecological devastation and probable collapse.

Fossil Fuels
People and nature rely on a safe climate. Australia has the power to make a real impact on preventing dangerous climate change. Continuing to burn fossil fuels at the current rate will lead to catastrophic climate change. The International Energy Agency recently warned that unless we act now, we could face warming of up to 6 degrees by the end of the century causing catastrophic environmental changes and disasters and the extinction of many animals. Nobody has the right to destroy what we all depend on for survival; we must take care of our environment so it can take care of us. That’s why The Wilderness Society are hard at work protecting our precious wild places, as well as tackling the causes of a changing climate that threatens both nature and people.

Make Bullying History

McIntosh Electrical – Supporting “Make Bullying History” Foundation
McIntosh Electrical are always looking to give back to the community wherever they find a charity or need that strongly resonates with them, is for a really great cause and is making a real difference in the community.

The “Make Bullying History” foundation is tackling some serious social and adolescent issues such as work place bullying and teenage suicide. The foundation is now blazing a path to raise awareness in the community at large, work place and in schools, so we as a society can eliminate and stamp out bullying and its consequences for good. They do this through seminars and leadership training for students, teachers and corporate companies. They are committed to empowering young lives and ensuring that every individual has the right to a safe existence free from intimidation, manipulation and control.

McIntosh Electrical have recently become a corporate sponsor to the Make Bullying History Foundation and look forward to helping them achieve their vision.

For more information or if you want to find out how you can help please go to: