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Comprehensive Electrical Safety Inspections for Your Home

Keep Your Family & Home Safe With a 10-Point Home Health Check

If you’re worried about faulty wiring in your home or property, or have other concerns about the building’s electrical system, a 10-point home health check from the team at McIntosh Electrical is a must.

McIntosh Electrical’s Extensive Safety Inspections Help You Stay Safe

With award-winning Gold Master Electricians, McIntosh Electrical abides by and uses a stringent and comprehensive Active Safety System in every aspect of our electrical work. We understand the risks improperly installed or maintained electrical systems pose. That’s why we also offer comprehensive property and residential electrical inspections to give you peace of mind. During these inspections, we closely investigate your property for any signs of problems or potential issues that could arise, providing you with the information to resolve them swiftly as needed. This includes helping you make an informed decision when purchasing property.

What Else Do We Cover in a 10-Point Home Health Check?

As part of all our safety inspections, we check:

  • Main earthing system
  • Incoming power supply
  • Switchboard compliance & functionality
  • Lighting circuit wiring inspection
  • Power circuit wiring inspection
  • Light switches and power point inspection
  • Smoke alarm check & compliance
  • Light fixtures, exhaust & ceiling fans
  • External lighting
  • External power points

We then provide you with a full report of our inspection, complete with a quote for rectifying any issues discovered. This ensures you have a full picture of your property’s electrical setup and can have peace of mind.

What Could Be Hiding in Your Property?

Until something goes wrong, electrical safety hazards can go unnoticed. Our team can inspect your property for

  • Faulty or crumbling wiring
  • Poor quality or old damaged power points and switches
  • Burnt out transformers in the roof space
  • No earthing
  • No safety switches

Any of these issues can pose a significant threat to your life if left untreated. If identified in your property, our experienced electricians will let you know immediately and provide their expert advice on what to do next.

Organise Your 10-Point Home Health Check Today

Don’t leave things up to chance — sleep easy knowing your property is safe, thanks to McIntosh Electrical’s thorough safety inspections. Book yours now.

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