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Led Lighting Upgrades

Let the Experts Install and Upgrade your LED Lighting. Cut your Lighting Bill by 90%, Saving Big Energy Costs and Carbon Emissions.

McIntosh LED Lighting Upgrade Services in Sydney

If you are thinking about upgrading your home, office, or building lighting, the answer is LED Lighting. The benefits are many, and they are a no brainer when it comes to advanced, eco-friendly technology that saves you big $$$ on Energy Costs. They are much more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs and fluoro lighting and last much, much longer. They can last up to 130 times an incandescent bulb, and 10 times longer than fluorescent lamps. This has another benefit of negating the maintenance and replacement costs as well.

Our highly trained and dedicated team can cover a vast range or commercial, industrial and specialised LED Lighting applications. We can offer the most professional and expert advice on the best lighting solutions and planning for you and your organisation.

We also have a huge range of ISO3000 approved and FULLY guaranteed LED lighting products that can suit any application.

Ask how our qualified technicians can assess your eligibility for the Rebate Scheme and start saving on your lighting costs immediately. Simply call our friendly team on 1300 627 727 or send us a message online today.

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    With a Dedicated Project Manager on EVERY JOB

    We Can Help Achieve the Best Lighting Upgrades for:

    • Government Departments
    • Garages and Parking Centres
    • All Office Space
    • Warehouses and Offices
    • Strata and Building Management
    • Schools and Education Centres
    • Retirement Villages
    • Hospitals and Medical Practices
    • Sporting Complexes
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