BMW EV Chargers
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BMW EV Charger Installation

Get the most out of your BMW Electric Vehicle with the best in BMW home charger installations. Owning a BMW i Series is a lifelong ambition for many, so we understand how excited you are to take your new EV for a spin.

Thankfully, help is at hand. The experts at McIntosh Electrical are here to help you get to grips with everything you need to know about BMW home and business charger installation.

As established BMW EV charger installers in Sydney, we’ll get the job done efficiently so you can power up your BMW whenever you want.

EV Charging Solutions for All Buildings

Get your home, apartment complex or office EV-ready with McIntosh Electrical! As new electric vehicles come out on the market, such as the BMW i series, the demand for EV charging stations increases. This is your chance to get ahead of the trend and invest in EV charging stations for your property.McIntosh Electrical can provide and set up high-performance EV chargers for an economical price, bringing new opportunities for your building! We’ll make sure all our charging units are efficiently installed, fast and customised to your needs, whether you’re a homeowner or strata manager.

The Future Is EVs

The future is electric and you can be a part of it with McIntosh Electrical. With a high-performance, customisable BMW EV charger installation, your property will be ready for a future where transportation is sustainable. Making your property EV compatible will increase its value and open doors for new customers or residents.

Users will also love our fully customisable integrated load management systems, which renters, individual apartment owners or building managers can navigate and operate efficiently.

Get the Most Out of Your BMW EV

While mobile chargers get the job done, they are really slow at charging. As a result, you might find yourself less than satisfied with your new BMW i.

However, there’s a solution! At McIntosh Electrical, we understand the value of faster charging, which is why we can install a BMW EV home or business charger that will get the job done in a flash, in comparison to a standard mobile charger.

Upgrade Your Business With EVs

Switching your fleet to electric vehicles can be a huge benefit for your business. And our high-performance BMW electric car charger installation can make that transition super easy. With electric cars and efficient EV charging facilities, you’ll be able to slash fuel and maintenance costs. With these savings, you can spend more on other aspects of your business.

Furthermore, you’ll be visibly running a sustainably minded business and supporting environmental causes. Not only will this help with your corporate responsibility initiatives, but it will also win you more customers and improve your brand’s image.

Now’s the time to talk to McIntosh Electrical to make your green transition because, along with our expert installations, we provide bi-annual EV charger testing programs to ensure safety and environmental compliance.

Trust Only the Best

Installing a BMW EV charger requires dealing with a large amount of electricity, which can be dangerous if not done by a professional. Similarly, you’ve paid a lot of money for your BMW, and you’ll want to ensure that the charging station is installed correctly. These are fantastic reasons for always hiring the best electricians for the job: McIntosh Electrical.

Our fully licensed Gold Master electricians are who you want when it comes to BMW electrical car charger installations. Along with high-quality services on the day, we also offer a 24-month warranty on all our services. So whether you need a BMW i series home charger installer or other EV charging installer in Sydney, McIntosh Electrical is the right choice!

1. We Offer Personalised Solutions for Your EV Charging Needs

With the vast range of EV users out there, from homeowners to strata managers, we know how charging needs can vary. That’s why we make sure our solutions are adaptable to every charging need. Our chargers are customised and cost-effective for each user and your building’s power supply. Plus, all our solutions are designed for scale, so you won’t have to worry about replacing the system if demand continues to grow.

2. We Use Only the Best Products

McIntosh Electrical only uses the leading, highest-quality, OCPP1.6J-approved, smart EV charger brands. You’ll love the latest features we have to offer, like Wi-Fi capability and power load management, which can help you get even more out of your EV. Plus, our chargers are universal, so you can trust they’re compatible with all EV brands, including BMW, for increased convenience. We also have options for individual or pay-as-you-go metering to suit your charging requirements.

3. We Are Powered By Trust

Get outstanding all-around service for great value without cutting corners, thanks to McIntosh Electrical! We always follow high safety standards — it’s why we include bi-annual safety checks and inspections as part of our service. Moreover, our expert Gold Master Electricians are highly trained and experienced, working safely and efficiently while ensuring minimal disruption to your day.

EV Charger Installation In 3 Easy Steps

Looking for an expert BMW home charger installer? Don’t settle with just any installer; get the best! McIntosh Electrical has the expertise to guarantee an easy, efficient and effective installation. All it takes is 3 easy steps!

1. Comprehensive Site Assessment

Our EV Experts will assess the requirements of your site, and design the right installation for your charging installation. This includes your building’s power load capabilities, as well as taking into account any existing structures and scalability you desire.

2. Designed for Your Needs

For a truly optimised charging system, it’s important to take a number of factors into account in the design stage. That’s why our design will include the installation path and any cable run solutions, the load management system for your facility, and the most appropriate EV charger options for the job. Such a thorough design stage also allows us to provide you with an extremely accurate quote.

3. Fast, Friendly & Professional Installation

When you’re satisfied with the design, our experienced Gold Master Electricians will fully install your new EV charging station. All work will be completed following strict safety procedures and we will also test the installed system. We can then guide you through the system so you can feel confident using it.

We make the installation process stress free and easy!

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