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Tesla EV Charger

So, you have a new Tesla. Congratulations! Now there's one important thing you need to do before you can fully enjoy your new ride — install a wall charger at home!

Our Experts at McIntosh Electrical can help you install Tesla car charging equipment at your home, so you can conveniently power up your Tesla anytime you need it.

What makes Schneider EV Chargers the best for your home or office?

Up to 10x FASTER
Up to 10x FASTER
Charges your vehicle up to 10x times
faster than a plug-in
socket charger.
Charges all EVs and Hybrids
including Tesla, Nissan, Hyundai,
BMW, Volvo, Mercedes, Lexus,
Mazda and Mini Cooper.
Program to charge in off-peak
times saving big money on
energy costs.
Installation includes
Type B RCCD eliminating the
risk of electrocution.

Our Products – Schneider EV Link Chargers

EVlink Wallbox

Single Residential Dwelling
Single Residential Dwelling
  • Available in 3.7kW, 7.4kW, 11kW & 22kW
  • Charge all EV's including Tesla
  • Economic options for all budgets
  • Choice of T1 & T2 plugs
  • Easy to install
  • Key lockable

EVlink Smart Wallbox

Multi Resi & Small Commercial
Multi Resi & Small Commercial
  • Available in 7.4kW & 22kW
  • Connect to Internet via Ethernet or optional 4G Modem
  • Add IEM-3X5X meter for billing
  • Integrate to EV payment Apps
  • RFID or Key lockable access
  • Integrate to EVlink Load Management System

EVlink Parking

Public Spaces, Shops & Car Parks
Public Spaces, Shops & Car Parks
  • All the features of Smart Wallbox plus
  • Tough metal enclosure
  • Single & dual socket options
  • Floor or wall mount options
Benefits of a Home Charging Station

You can charge your Tesla using the mobile charger included at purchase. However, the convenience of installing a Level 2 Tesla wall connector charger at home brings your electric vehicle experience to the next level, and will save you many hours of charging time, and most importantly money.

Faster Charging

Using the provided mobile charger means much slower charging of your Tesla vehicle. Instead of having readily available transportation anytime, you have to wait for its charging time to be over. This is most crucial in cases of emergency where time is of the essence or even just for everyday convenience. It’s a good thing then that McIntosh Electrical can install a plug-in socket charger that will charge your Tesla up to 10 times faster.

Off-Peak Charging

The best place and time to charge your Tesla is at home, overnight. When you have a charging station at home, you can schedule your charging at off-peak hours to reduce peak demand charges and keep the electric bill at a minimum. Peak demand charges are the additional cost you get for electricity when there is a lot of demand. With our EV wall chargers, you can program them to charge in off-peak times so that you can save big money on energy costs.

Convenient Charging

Charge your Tesla at a time and place that’s convenient for you. With a home charging station, you can leave your Tesla to charge while you get on with your day.

Find Out More About Our Schneider Electric EV Charging Solutions

Requirements for a Tesla Home Charging Station

Do You Have Sufficient Electrical Capacity?

All L2 Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) models or charging stations require a substantial power supply, with higher capacity requirements than your average electric range cooker, central air conditioning or a hot water system. Additionally, your power supply will need to be able to handle charging your Tesla and supplying power to other high-use devices simultaneously. Our Accredited Master Electricians can assess your home’s power supply capacity and provide the most professional advice and charging solution for you.

Can Any Electrician Install a Tesla Charger?

Installing a home charger requires running 240 volts from your breaker panel to your charging location, which is dangerous if not handled by an electrician. However, a Tesla home charger requires your electrical panel carry at least 200 amps of current, which is very lethal. If it were to be installed by a careless electrician, your home may be unsafe. That’s why it’s always best to go with the Gold Master Electricians at McIntosh Electrical when it comes to EV charging installations.

Trust McIntosh Electrical with your home charger installation! Our expert Licensed Master Electricians are Tesla charger installation experts. Plus, we always strive for excellence — that's how we got our Gold Master Electrician status from Master Electricians Australia (MEA). It is an honour for us to receive such industry recognition, and we pay it back by maintaining excellence throughout our work and giving you the best value for your money. We are so confident in the high quality of our work that we also offer a 24-month warranty on all services we provide.

So if you need a Tesla or any EV charging installer in your area, contact McIntosh Electrical now!

When it comes to EVLink charging station and installations, McIntosh Electrical have the expertise and experience to provide the best solutions, along with the most professional installation.

For all your commercial or residential electric vehicle charging needs, our specialist electricians in Sydney.

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