Mini Cooper EV Chargers
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Mini Cooper EV Charger Installations

With sustainability the new norm, chances are you’re in need of an expert to help you with your Mini Cooper home charger installation. Thankfully, McIntosh Electrical is here for you.

With more and more brands switching to environmentally friendly practices and the automobile industry making great advancements regarding EV technology, now is the time to get an electric vehicle charger for your home or building complex, and McIntosh Electrical is the right team for the job.

Is Your Building Ready for EV Charging?

With the increasing demand for accommodations for electric vehicles, more people are looking for homes, apartment complexes and businesses that are EV compatible. Nonetheless, keep in mind not all EV chargers are made equal, nor are all installation services top quality. So don’t settle for second best; choose McIntosh Electrical for safer, more efficient charging every time. Our EV charger installation services are completed by fully licensed Gold Master Electricians and offer excellent value for money.

Add More Value to Your Building or Business

It won’t be too long before the automotive industry goes fully electric! That’s why you should hurry to get your building ready for the future with a Mini Cooper and universal electric car charger installation service!

There’s so much to love about expertly installed, high-quality charging stations.Apart from increasing your property value, you’ll be attracting new residents, leaseholders and customers.

What’s more, our Mini Cooper electric vehicle chargers for home and office use have integrated load management systems that can be adapted for a range of situations.

Charge Fast & for Less

McIntosh Electrical’s Mini Cooper home and business charger installations offer unbeatable efficiency and convenience! We use chargers that can power EV 10x faster than a standard plug-in socket charger.

So whether you are a resident, customer or strata manager, our chargers can get you back on the road sooner. What’s even better, our EV chargers can also be programmed for off-peak charging for improved savings, as well as individual and pay-as-you-go metering.

Be a Green Brand

Upgrading your fleet vehicles to EVs, like the Mini Cooper Electric, means your business can save a lot on fuel and maintenance costs in the long run. You can then use those savings to expand your business further.

Plus, you’ll be supporting a cleaner and greener future, winning new customers and improving your brand image. But to get the most out of your new fleet, you need high-quality EV chargers installed by the experts.

McIntosh Electrical is also committed to a sustainable and green future, and we’ll make sure your fleet’s transition to EVs is as easy as possible. We can install multiple chargers as well as offer bi-annual EV charger testing programs to ensure full safety and compliance.

McIntosh Electrical Is Always the Right Choice

When it comes to Mini Cooper EV home and business chargers, McIntosh Electrical supplies Sydney with only the best and most reliable products. You can trust that we understand your charging needs, whether you’re a homeowner or strata manager. We make sure our solutions are adaptable, building in customised solutions to offer scale while working with your building’s power supply. With McIntosh Electrical, you won’t have to worry about replacing the system after a few short years as demand continues to grow.

Flexible & Scalable

Everyone’s charging needs are different. That’s why we provide customised solutions to perfectly fit each user’s needs, along with their building’s power supply. What’s more, all our solutions are designed to scale cost-effectively. This means our EV chargers and system can also upscale when the EV charging needs of your business or property grows.

Made to Last & for Maximum Use

McIntosh Electrical utilises the latest in universal high-performance, OCPP1.6J-approved, innovative EV charger for Mini Cooper electric vehicles and other brands. Enjoy convenience with the latest features, such as Wi-Fi capability and power load management. Our products are highly efficient and are easy to operate, whether you are a homeowner, renter or strata manager.

Powered By Trust

McIntosh Electrical is known for our gold industry standards. That’s how we became Gold Master Electricians. When you hire us, you’ll experience an all-around high-quality service, offering highly competitive value while prioritising your safety. Along with our stellar handiwork, our services include bi-annual safety checks and inspections so you can always feel safe using our products.

Get Your EV Charger Installation In 3 Easy Steps

Looking for the best Mini Cooper recharge home charger installers? Trust only the experts at McIntosh Electrical! We can guarantee a swift and secure installation so you don’t have to worry about anything!

Comprehensive Site Assessment

Our EV Experts will assess the requirements of your site, and design the right installation for your charging installation. This includes your building’s power load capabilities, as well as taking into account any existing structures and scalability you desire.

Designed for Your Needs

Once we know the lay of the land, we can plan your EV charger system. This will include the installation path and any cable run solutions, your facility’s load management system, and the most appropriate EV charger options for the job. From there, we can provide you with an accurate quote.

Expert & Friendly Installation

Our experienced Gold Master Electricians will then fully install your new EV charging station, following strict safety procedures. This also includes testing your charger to ensure optimal performance for your needs. We can then take you through the system so you can feel confident using it.

We make the installation process stress free and easy!

You Have the Power

Choose the professionals to install an EV charger in your Sydney residence, building or business today. Call McIntosh Electrical and arrange your free onsite assessment now.