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Solar System Inspections and Repairs

Has Your Solar System Had a Health Check Recently?

Your Solar System is an investment don’t let it be a bad one

Systems more than five years old systems will usually require maintenance and may require solar system repairs and replacement components. More often than not, most only realise this when your system has failed completely or dramatically dropped in production.

McIntosh Solar is the trusted household name when it comes to fixing/repairing solar systems in Sydney. We provide high quality custom solutions for a wide range of solar repair issues and ensure your solar system is repaired quickly and professionally.

We offer a CEC (Clean Energy Council) supported, comprehensive solar inspection and report. This report will quickly identify any defects, damage, or problem areas that need to be repaired. It will also determine if your system is compliant in all areas.

Don’t wait while you are losing valuable power generation and money, book a Solar Inspection with McIntosh Solar, and get one of our CEC Accredited Solar Inspectors to quickly determine your issue today!

See Our Solar Health Check Special

What’s included in our inspection and solar system repairs service?

  • A site visit from a CEC accredited solar specialist to inspect your entire system, including the inverter, isolator and cabling and compliance.
  • A comprehensive report, outlining any defects, damage and non-compliant issues with yoursystem inclusive of recommendations on what needs to be done to get the system performing to an optimum level.
  • A no-obligation budget for any works or replacements required, backed by our workmanship guarantee.
  • Annual Inspection follow up discount.

What Can Cause Damage to Solar Panels and Why You Should Have Regular Solar System Inspections

Being consistently exposed to the elements, there are several ways your solar system can be damaged over time. Regular System Inspections are a good way to quickly identify any small issues that may become larger more costly issues if undetected.


Hail damage to larger solar cells result in more expensive replacement or repair costs and reduces energy output dramatically.


The connections and seals around the solar panel will deteriorate over time, allowing water to penetrate cells and its connections. Periodically resealing the protective glass will ensure that water does not seep into the modules. Water short-circuits the connections and moisture builds up on the solar cells limiting the energy output of the panels.

Rocks and Foreign Material

Rocks thrown at the panels or falling debris from trees can result in broken or damaged solar panels. This damage typically breaks the protective glass of the solar panel.

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