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SolarX Tripple Power Battery – Retrofit any System - Upgrading to Battery Storage for Solar Has Never Been Easier!

Solar Batteries

RESIDENTIAL SOLAR STORAGE SOLUTIONS - Get off the Grid With Battery Storage Systems by SolaX

Are you spending more time at home than ever? Using more power than ever before?

Save money and earn money by storing your generated solar energy with a SolaX AC Charger. With the capability to retro-fit to any PV system, upgrading to battery storage has never been easier.

X1 Retrofit Charger 5.8Kw

Master Battery 5.8Kw

Slave Battery SolaX

Cloud System Management

Battery technology has dramatically improved in the last couple of years, with the added benefit of prices being largely reduced.

This now makes solar battery energy storage systems much more affordable and within reach.

Solar and battery storage technology play a key role in capturing solar energy and offsetting our carbon emissions. Reducing your carbon footprint.

Some key benefits of SolaX battery storage technology are:

  • Store excess solar energy generated throughout the day, and then use in peak tariff times usually between 2pm and 8pm, Monday to Friday (Save a fortune).
  • In the event of a power failure or blackout, SolaX Batteries will continue to power your home.
  • Work towards creating a Carbon Zero home.
  • Aim to get off the grid.
  • Pay off your Investment (battery storage unit) instead of your Energy Retailer.
  • Charge batteries during off peak tariff periods, then use energy in peak tariff periods.
  • 10 Year Warranty

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SolaX Tripple Power Battery Fact Sheet

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