Nissan EV Chargers
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Nissan Home & Business Charger Installation

Looking for a Nissan Leaf home charger installer? You’ve come to the right place! Nothing completes the experience of owning an electric vehicle than installing an EV charging station at home. The overall convenience of having a solid and convenient power supply for faster charging is worth every cent.

Our experts at McIntosh Electrical can help you install Nissan car charging equipment at your home, so you can conveniently power up your Nissan electric vehicle any time you need to.

Get EV Power Everywhere

Is your home, apartment complex, or office electric vehicle compatible? Now that more people and household auto brands are going electric, such as Nissan, EV charger installations have never been more in demand. So don’t get left behind; invest in a Nissan electric vehicle charger for your home, building or office now!

At McIntosh Electrical, we make sure that your EV chargers are fast charging, reliable and customisable — they’re high quality and designed to last for years to come. Plus, we offer features that can be tailored to your building’s power supply to ensure the additional load does not affect any other electrical systems! Our Nissan electric car charger installations are also quick and efficient, so you can start using your charging facilities as soon as possible.

Future-Proof Your Building or Business

A high-quality EV charging facility on your property means you’ll be able to attract and accommodate new residents, lease-holders and customers.

So, not only will you increase your property value, but you’ll also prepare your building for a green future, where owning an electric vehicle is the norm when you choose McIntosh Electrical’s EV charger installation options.

Plus, with our integrated load management systems, individual apartment owners and building managers can get the charging option they need.

Faster Charging for Greater Convenience

One of the reasons why you may have got an electric car is convenience. But that’s hard to experience without an efficient, powerful charger to go with it.

Thankfully, McIntosh Electrical’s EV chargers can charge the Nissan Leaf and other EV brands up to 10x faster than a standard plug-in socket charger. With that speed, combined with off-peak charging, you’ll get unmatched efficiency at great value!

This is a great selling point if you run a business or manage an apartment, as your residents and customers will appreciate the convenience and improved cost-efficiency over standard paid charging stations. How cool is that?

Drive Your Business Into the Future

Want to transform your fleet into a feature of your business? Then why not go electric! McIntosh Electrical can help you transition your business’ cars into an EV fleet. Our high-performance, customisable EV charging facilities will slash your fuel and maintenance costs.

All those savings will help make your business more profitable, but, what’s more, you’ll be supporting a greener, more sustainable future! With that clear display of responsibility, you’ll also be winning the support of those who share the same cause as you do.

And don’t worry, we’ll give you all the support you need to help you transition to electric vehicles. We’ll even give you free bi-annual EV charger testing programs to ensure safety and compliance.

Make the Right Choice With McIntosh Electrical

In need of a Nissan EV charger installer in Sydney? As a company that always strives for excellence, McIntosh Electrical has got your back! You can trust our Gold Master Electricians to always do an outstanding job when it comes to installing high-quality, efficient and custom EV chargers. Because we value your trust, we also offer a 24-month warranty on all services we provide.

Flexibility & Scalability for Your Needs

Because we all have different charging needs, McIntosh Electrical provides personalised solutions for all our Nissan EV home chargers. So whether you’re a homeowner or a strata manager, we ensure our solutions can accommodate your needs. Plus, our chargers can regulate each user’s use and your building’s power supply for a more cost-effective outcome. If you’re a building owner, you’ll be happy to know that all our solutions are designed for scale. So, instead of replacing your system every few years, you can save money by scaling as demand continues to grow.

High-Quality, Compatible Products

McIntosh Electrical brings you only the most-advanced, OCPP1.6J-approved, innovative EV chargers for your Nissan and other EV brands. You’re guaranteed to love our latest features, such as Wi-Fi capability and power load management, for more convenience. Also, all our EV chargers are universal and customisable, making them perfect for any EV brand. You can also set our chargers for individual or pay-as-you-go metering, so you don’t have to worry about billing management.

Unbeatable Service

We promise an outstanding all-around service at highly competitive rates for a top-quality result. Plus, we provide bi-annual safety checks and inspections as part of our Nissan home charger installation service. We also ensure our Gold Master Electricians work efficiently, ensuring minimal disruption to your day.

Follow Our 3 Easy Steps for EV Charger Installation

Leave the EV charger installation with us! McIntosh Electrical can ensure a quick and easy installation so that you can enjoy your charging station as soon as possible. Here’s how we’ll do it:

1. Comprehensive Site Assessment

Our EV Experts will assess the requirements of your site, and design the right installation for your charging installation. This includes your building’s power load capabilities, as well as taking into account any existing structures and scalability you desire.

2. Designed to Suit Your Building

We will plan and design the perfect custom solution for your building from start to finish, including the installation path and any cable run solutions, your facility’s load management system, and the most appropriate EV charger options to meet your needs. Once we have finished the design, we can provide you with an accurate quote for the installation.

3. EV Charger Installation Services You Can Trust

As safety is paramount for the McIntosh Electrical team, our experienced Gold Master Electricians will fully install your new EV charging station following strict safety procedures. We will also test the charger to ensure you can get the most out of it, and give you a rundown of the system so you can start using it straightaway.

We make the installation process stress free and easy!

Get More From Your EV Today!

Maximise your EV experience with a custom EV charging station at your home, apartment complex, or business. Talk to McIntosh Electrical today to start the installation process.