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Professional Kia EV Charger Installation Sydney

Get the most from your new Kia EV6, Niro EV or Sorrento PHEV with a home charger. With McIntosh Electrical’s expert electric vehicle charger installation services, charging your Kia has never been easier!

Why You Need an Expert EV Charger Installation

With so many great EV options available now from Kia, the time is right to get your home, apartment or business EV-ready! Thankfully, McIntosh Electrical offers quality EV charger installation services, so you can get a super-efficient and effective EV charger professionally installed by accredited Gold Master Electricians and reap all the benefits.

Be Ready for the Future

With rising petrol prices and the increasing availability of EV car options from reliable and affordable car manufacturers, like Kia, installing an electric car charger in your home, garage, apartment or business is a must. This can go a long way to increasing your property’s value, and attracting new residents or customers.

And when you choose McIntosh Electrical for your strata electricians and EV charger installation, you even get integrated load management systems to optimise your multi-residential EV charger.

Charge Fast Whenever You Want

When it comes to installing car chargers in your home, garage or office, you can rely on McIntosh Electrical always selecting the best products and options for your needs.

Offering a charging experience up to 10 times faster than a standard plug-in socket charger, our powerful EV chargers deliver an efficient, convenient and safe everyday charging option.

Turn Your Fleet Green

As commercial electricians, we understand the demand and importance of having a green and sustainable business. In fact, McIntosh Electrical is dedicated to corporate sustainability and we can help you!

With our professional EV charger installation services, you can transition your commercial fleet to EVs for a greener brand and a brighter tomorrow.

Specialist EV Charger Installation for All Buildings in Sydney

As respected and reliable residential electricians, we know how to install an EV charging station for your home that will meet your needs, including offering fast, off-peak charging. Similarly, having worked as commercial electricians for over 20 years, we can plan a commercial EV charger installation that meets your business’ needs, whether it’s for customers or employers.

Flexibility & Scalability to Meet Your Needs

Someone wanting an EV home charger wants something different than a body corporate looking at multi-residential EV charger installation. That’s why our EV services are designed to offer you the flexibility, as well as scalability, you’re after, so you get the best value for money on a professional and reliable charger installation.

The Best EV Home Chargers for Home & Office

When we install a charging station at your home or business, you can trust that we use only the leading, highest quality, OCPP1.6J-approved, smart EV charger products. Plus, we always choose universal options to offer cross-brand compatibility, so no matter what you drive, you can charge your EV up.

Accredited EV Charger Installers

At McIntosh Electrical, we say we’re powered by trust. That’s because we are Gold Master Electricians and accredited EV charger installers. We understand the ins and outs of our work, and ensure to complete every job to the highest standards. Additionally, we are committed to high safety standards and provide bi-annual safety checks and inspections as part of our service.

We Install Your Home Charger for Your Kia in 3 Steps

With our universal EV charger options and thorough installation process, getting a reliable EV charger installed for your Kia EV is easy!

1. Comprehensive Site Assessment

Our EV Experts will assess the requirements of your site, and design the right installation for your charging installation. This includes your building’s power load capabilities, as well as taking into account any existing structures and scalability you desire.

2. Detailed Design & Planning

With a thorough understanding of the installation requirements, we can plan and design the perfect custom solution for you. This will include the installation path and cable run solutions, as well as load management systems. We can then provide an accurate quote to install an EV charger in your garage, apartment or business.

3. EV Charging Point Installation

Working swiftly and efficiently, our Gold Master Electricians will handle all of the electric vehicle charger installation, including safety checks and tests. We can then guide you through the system so you can use it seamlessly.

Install a Home Charging Point Today

For all your EV charging installation needs in Sydney, call McIntosh Electrical!