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Electricians On the Job

It’s tough to imagine our lives without electricity. We are so reliant on our electricity sources that when the power goes out at home or work, everything shuts down. Fortunately, our skilled electricians work to ensure that when power outages happen at the most inconvenient times, they are there to help restore power and get you back on track.

Our electricians are more than just the modern supermen of electricity. In between power outages, they constantly work on other projects like rewiring equipment or lighting fixtures, inspecting switchboards and power outlets for safety, installing wiring and data cabling, and troubleshooting and identifying electrical issues in general.

At McIntosh Electrical we think It’s important for our customers to “see” how we do the job rather than just read about it. After all, seeing is believing. So, we’ve created these short videos for our clients to see us in action, and how we perform our workmanship. As time goes by we will continually add more videos to the library on different types of electrical work we perform for your enjoyment.So feel free to check in from time to time, to see what we have been up to!

Installing LED Downlights

LED Downlights cost one fifth of what a halogen light costs to run. They also can last for up to 50,000 hours or three years in most cases. Getting a licensed professional to install them in your ceiling space can not only save you hundreds of dollars per annum on your lighting bill, but eliminate the fire hazard that halogen downlights present.

Installing Smoke Alarms

Do you know if your smoke alarms are compliant and working? Don’t wait till it’s too late, have your smoke alarms tested and interconnected with power from the mains to ensure they will work in the event of a fire. Smoke alarms save lives, and safe is always better than sorry.

Rewiring Your Home

Identifying and removing redundant and damaged wiring is our specialty. Also ensuring that the correct and AS3000 is installed professionally and compliant is what we do best. If your wiring is old and not up to scratch, you could be living with an electrical time bomb. See our “Home Electrical Safety Inspection” For more information on this.

Installation Of Safety Switches On Your Switchboard

Safety switches will instantly detect a power fault, whether it be the properties cabling that is faulty or a faulty appliance, and immediately terminate the power to that circuit. Their presence on modern day switchboards is crucial for electrical safety and avoiding electrocution or serious damage to appliances and electrical equipment. If your switchboard doesn’t have safety switches installed, you need to act on this immediately.

Installing A Double Power Point

Installing a double power point is a relatively simple task. However it is always best to get a licensed and trained professional to ensure it is installed to AS/NZ3000 code, the various building codes, and completed and tested safely.

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