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Electric Vehicle
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McIntosh Electrical are proud to be an Accredited Schneider Electric EV Link Installer.
We are your Expert Electric Vehicle Charger Installation Electricians.

McIntosh Electrical are experts in EV Charger Installations in Sydney. We can provide an on-site quote and can begin installing your EV charger at your Home, Strata Building or Office. Regardless of who you choose to supply and install your EV Charger in Sydney, make sure they are an Accredited and Licensed Master Electrician who can provide you with a quote and detailed product information before beginning any work.

At McIntosh Electrical we are dedicated to not only becoming Carbon Neutral Electricians, but we only supply and install the most advanced premium products in the EV Charger Range, such as Schneider EV Link and EV Smart Link Wall boxes, the best electric vehicle chargers on the market.
With the EV Movement growing rapidly, year on year, McIntosh Electrical recognises the need for a specialised electrical contractor in this field and will provide the best products and safest solutions the industry has to offer, all at competitive rates.

Why you should purchase a Schineider EV Charger

Charges your vehicle 10x times
faster than a plug-in
socket charger.
Charges all EV’s and Hybrid
sincluding Tesla.
Program to charge in off-peak
times saving big money on
energy costs.
Installation includes
Type B RCCD eliminating the
risk of electrocution.

Our Products are Compatible with...

Mini Cooper

Our Products – Schneider EV Link Chargers

EVlink Wallbox

Single Residential Dwelling
Single Residential Dwelling
  • Available in 3.7kW, 7.4kW, 11kW & 22kW
  • Charge all EV's including Tesla
  • Economic options for all budgets
  • Choice of T1 & T2 plugs
  • Easy to install
  • Key lockable

EVlink Smart Wallbox

Multi Resi & Small Commercial
Multi Resi & Small Commercial
  • Available in 7.4kW & 22kW
  • Connect to Internet via Ethernet or optional 4G Modem
  • Add IEM-3X5X meter for billing
  • Integrate to EV payment Apps
  • RFID or Key lockable access
  • Integrate to EVlink Load Management System

EVlink Parking

Public Spaces, Shops & Car Parks
Public Spaces, Shops & Car Parks
  • All the features of Smart Wallbox plus
  • Tough metal enclosure
  • Single & dual socket options
  • Floor or wall mount options
Home EV Charger Installation Sydney

As Accredited Schneider EV Link charger installers, we have the experience and know-how to configure your home EV charger to match the grid connection of your house, not to mention our stringent compliance and safety procedures.

The EV Link chargers are compatible with all brands of electric and hybrid vehicles including Telsa. They can be programmed to draw power at off-peak periods, saving you big costs on your power bill.

EV Link Key Benefits:
  • Charges your vehicle 10 x times faster than a plug-in socket charger.
  • Charges all EV’s and Hybrids including Tesla.
  • Program to charge in off-peak times saving big money on energy costs.
  • Installation includes Type B RCCD eliminating the risk of electrocution.

Find Out More About Our Schneider Electric EV Charging Solutions

Strata and Multi Residential EV Charger Installation Sydney

With more and more residents purchasing electric vehicles that live in multi residential dwellings, it makes sense to invest in EV charging stations for benefits now, and well into the future.

When you're searching for electric vehicle car charging companies, find out how Schneider Electric’s EV Link Load Management System (LMS) can ensure the building's power distribution is never affected by multiple EV Chargers being used at the same time. No other product on the market offers this comprehensive solution to building power distribution.

EV Smart Link Key Benefits:
  • Load Management System (LMS) Integrated into product to ensure building power is not overloaded or disrupted.
  • Installation includes Type B RCCD eliminating the risk of electrocution.
  • Charges all EV’s and Hybrids including Tesla.
  • RFID or Key Lockable Access for Residents
  • Add NMI Meter for Individual Billing
  • Connection to internet via ethernet or 4G Modem
Commercial EV Charger Installation Sydney

McIntosh Electrical has all the experience as EV Link charger installers. We are equipped for large, multi-station jobs that are necessary for commercial businesses looking to provide clients and employees with a place to charge their electric vehicles.

Our experts know how to work within your existing parking space to avoid conflicts that might disrupt the flow of traffic.

EV Smart Link Key Benefits
  • Keep customers onsite longer while their vehicles charge.
  • Source of revenue from paid parking stations
  • Tough metal enclosure
  • Wall or floor mount
  • Outdoor or Indoor Installation
  • Attract clients to your premises and your brand!

When it comes to EVLink charging station and installations, McIntosh Electrical have the expertise and experience to provide the best solutions, along with the most professional installation.

For all your commercial or residential electric vehicle charging needs, our specialist electricians in Sydney.

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